Log2Stats Documentation

Saving reports

You can export all favorite reports using "Export all" menu command or save just the selected report (or selected folder and all reports in it) using the "Save report" button or "Report - Save" menu command:

Log2Stats save report window

After that you will see an "Export report" window:

Log2Stats export parameters

This windows allows you to setup where your reports will be saved and in which format.

Default profiles which can't be edited or removed are "Default export profile" and "Local file".
"Default export profile" defines single paged HTML report with raw limit = 100 and chart width = 800 pixels
"Local file" allows you to select file location and name via standard save file window.

"Open exported report" options allows you to open just saved report i.e. in the browser.

Report format

To save reports as XML or multiple html pages you need to add profiles for export format:

format.png (10 784 bytes)

Just give the name to a new profile and select required export parameters. Set raw limit to zero to disable the limit. Chart width can be in pixels or in percent of primary monitor width.

Export target

To save report to predefined folder, ftp or send to e-mail create additional export target:

target.png (13 207 bytes)

Currently only local file is supported so settings other than profile name and target folder are inaccessible.

Customizing HTML reports

You can fully customize the look of your HTML reports by editing template files. Learn more about these files in the manual: Customizing html reports - Manual