Log2Stats Documentation

Command line reference

You can use Log2Stats from the command line using the following syntax:

l2s.exe “workspace.name” {commands}
Available commands
/getget new log files using auto-import settings
/parseparses new log files
/exportexports all favorite reports
/export:"report/name"exports favorite report using report settings
/file:"file.name"file name for export command
/profile:"pname"export profile used (default:"Default export profile")
/target:"tname"target profile name used for export (default: "Local file")
/guiuse this command to open workspace in the gui after the command line processing
/log:"c:\log\file\name.log"silent processing with logging to file (default: "workspace-name.l2s.cmd.log")
/silentsilent processing, you will not see anything except some entries in the global log file


 l2s.exe "c:\log analysis\workspace.l2s" /get /parse /gui
 Imports log files using the auto-import settings, parses them and opens workspace.l2s in the Log2Stats.