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File types

File types settings allows you to configure resources on your web site:

Log2Stats workspace settings - File types

Log2Stats allows you to track three types of files: web pages, downloads and images. Also there are four types of logging for resources: log as visit, log as non-visit, don't log and skip entry. In general, every resource, which can be viewed or downloaded only on your web site should be logged as visit: pages, downloadable files and some images falls into this category. Other resources should be logged as non-visit unless you don't want to log sessions for them. You can also completely skip all requests to specific resources and you will not see them in reports at all.

To edit this table use toolbar at the top or just double click the field you want to change. List entries will match from top to bottom and will break on the first match. Use corresponding buttons to move selected lines up and down.

File mask field specifies files to match. You can use either standard DOS file mask syntax (* is for any number of any characters, ? is for any single character) or full regular expression syntax by using ']' symbol at the start (see the second line from the bottom on the screenshot above).

File type field defines actual file type for matched resources. It can be page, download, image or other. Other resources will not appear in any statistics except traffic by files.

Logging field defines how visitors who requested matched resource will be counted:

Logging strategyDescription
VisitThis logging strategy marks visitor who accessed matched resource as a human visitor. It will not be overwritten by any other strategy.
Non-visitNon-visits are mostly visits made by human visitors, but the matched resource can be accessed directly on 3rd party web sites. I.e. this can be a banner image or external download. This logging strategy can be overwritten by "Visit" strategy if the visitor will access any of the resources with "Log as visit" strategy later.
Don't log"Don't log" strategy allows to save visit to database but it will not be counted in reports until that visitor access some resources with "Visit" or "Non-visit" logging strategies. This logging strategy can be overwritten by "Visit" and "Non-visit" strategy.
Skip entryJust skip log line with access to this resource.